Business Migration to Australia from Bangladesh (Visa Subclass 188)

Invest in Australia, start a business, settle down, and apply for Australian Permanent Residency

Australia Business migration 188 Visa

Australia Business Migration – Business Innovation (Subclass 188A)

This is a Provisional Visa that allows foreign and Bangladeshi business owners to live and start business activities in an Australian State or Territory. Business Owners can apply for Business Innovation Stream (188A) with their family and become eligible for Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship. Applicants of the Business Innovation and Investment Stream (188A Visa) must apply for a nomination to the Australian State or Territory government and meet the points test for this visa. 

Basic Visa Requirements for Australian Business Migration – Business Innovation Stream (188A Visa):

  • Turnover: Ownership of a business in Bangladesh or anywhere in the world with a turnover of at least AUD$750,000;
  • Asset: Net personal and business assets of at least AUD$1.25 million;
  • Age: Under 55 years of age, unless the nominating state or territory makes this requirement relaxed;
  • Pass the 188 visa point test: Meet the pass mark in the Business innovation and investment Points test
  • Successful business: You must demonstrate a successful business career

You must score the required points in the points test to be eligible to apply for a Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) in the Business Innovation stream or the Investor stream.

Australian 188A visa [Mandatory] Point test Criteria:

  • Age
  • Asset
  • Business Experience
  • Annual Turnover

Australia Business Migration –Investor Visa (Subclass 188B)

This is a provisional visa. Once you have managed investment in Australia for specific years, you can apply for Australian permanent residence (PR) through the Business Innovation & Investment (Residence) Subclass 888 visa.

Basic Visa Requirements for Investor Stream (Subclass 188B):

  • Investment of AUD$2.5 million
  • AUD$1.25 million in managed funds
  • AUD$750,000 in approved managed funds
  • AUD$500,000 in Australian VC and growth private equity funds
  • Be nominated by an Australian State/Territory

This visa is only available to visa applicants who are nominated by an Australian State or Territory government. To be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the SkillSelect system made by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia

Australia Business Migration – Significant Investor Visa (Subclass 188C)

The Significant Investor visa is for eligible business owners who are interested to make an AUD 5 million investment in Australia. It is one of the business migration visa streams within the Subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment visa.

Basic Visa Requirements for Significant Investor (Subclass 188C):

  • Investment of AUD5 million
  • AUD2.5 million in managed funds
  • AUD1.5 million in approved managed funds
  • AUD1 million in Australian VC and growth private equity funds
  • Be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government

Australia Business Migration – Entrepreneur Visa (Subclass 188E)

The Entrepreneur visa is for interested people who have investor funding to develop an enterprise or business in an Australian State or Territory.

Once the applicant has established business procedures in Australia, the applicant can apply for permanent residence (PR) through the Business Innovation & Investment (Residence) Subclass 888 visa.

Basic Visa Requirements for Entrepreneur Subclass 188E Visa

  • Nomination by a state or territory government
  • Competent English (IELTS 6 in Each Band)
  • Under 55 Years of age, unless a State or Territory Government relaxes this requirement
  • Funding agreement to establish a venture in Australia
  • Ownership interest of at least 30% in the venture

How to be an Australian Permanent Resident (PR)?

To apply for Australian Permanent Residency, you must fulfill visa criteria. To apply to PR from a Provisional Visa (188), you must choose to apply for Visa Subclass 888. You must fulfill all requirements under the subclass 888 Visa. 

Benefits of Australia Business Migration (188A) from Bangladesh?

Quality of life: Australians do not see air pollution. people choose this country for natural beauty and outstanding landscapes.

Excellent healthcare system: The healthcare system in Australia is recognized as one of the best in the world. People don’t need to travel to another country for any kind of health-related issues.

High-quality educational system: Australia also includes an extraordinary higher education system and it has been ranked top in the worldwide rankings. Australia is the home of the best schools and universities.

Immigration Policy: Since 1920, the migration program of Australia is really helping millions to move to Australia.

Security: Australians will enjoy a low crime rate compared to other countries. Therefore, this country I considered very safe for children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are a business owner, you might be interested in Visa subclass 188. Visa subclass 188 is the easiyest option for business owners to settle down in Australia from Bangladesh or any other country. If you are doing job then consider visa subclass 189, 190, or 491.

Subclass 188 – Business Innovation Stream (5-year provisional) Fees:
Main applicant $6,085
Additional applicant Charge $3,045
Additional applicant Charge -18 $1,520 (each)

Australian Visa application fees can be made online visa Immi Account

MARA is the short form of Migration Agents Registration Authority. A MARA registered agent is regulated by the Australian government and is allowed to provide immigration assistance to people.

Non-residents or those who do not have Australian Visa (other than visitor visas) cannot directly operate business activities in Australia. A non-resident can start a business in Australia, but they may not do it on their own.

From July 2021, Visa subclass 132 is unavailable

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