Canada Visitor Visa from Bangladesh

Process your Canada visitor visa with up to 5 or more years’ multiple entries by the visa experts in Dhaka 

canada visitor tourist visa from Bangladesh

Canada is one of the preferred countries to visit for Bangladeshi People. Many people apply for the Canada Visitor visa for tourism reasons and some people apply for a visa simply to see their family and dear ones living in Canada. 

How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa or Visitor Visa from Bangladesh?

Canada visitor visa application can be done both Online and Paper-based application. If you want to apply online, you must get VFS appointment for your Biometric enrolment. If you prefer to apply paper-based, you must submit all hard copy applications, pay your fees and complete your Biometric. 

Visa application fee for Canada Tourist Visa and Biometric Fee: 

  • Application Fee: CAD$100
  • Biometric Fee: CAD$85

Address of VFS Canada

  • Delta Life Tower, Plot 37, Road 90, North, Gulshan North Ave, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh. Or simply click here

Documents Checklist for Canada Tourist Visa from Bangladesh:

  • All Current and Previous Passports with Visa Pages and all visa refusal copies
  • Birth Certificate
  • National ID Card both sides
  • 2 Copies Recent Photographs (35X45 mm) – Click Here for IRCC Photograph guideline
  • Marriage Certificate & Nikah Nama
  • Employment Documents or Business Documents
  • Evidence of Funds to cover all expenses of the tour
  • Evidence of immovable assets
  • Income Tax Certificates
  • Visitor Visa Application Form (Canada)
  • Family Information Form

Note that this above document checklist is just for the basic ideas. Documents requirements will vary from case to case. Inappropriate documentation will bring a negative visa outcome. If you need visitor visa assistance, you may contact us

[A] Establishment of Application Purpose  [B] Incentives to Return [C] Logical & Proper Travel Itinerary [D] Social Ties [E] Statutory Declaration and all necessary things: These things will be prepared by our Visa Experts. These are the most important factors for Visa Grant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to apply Canada tourist visa from Bangladesh?

If you are a Bangladeshi Citizen and have valid reason to travel to Canada, you can apply for a Visitor Visa Canada from Bangladesh. You must be able to show your purpose and financial capacity.

Where is Canada Visa Application Center in Bangladesh?

If you are planning to apply from Dhaka, you must choose either Dhaka or Sylhet VFS center. Chittagong VFS center is closed at the momene but you should verify yourself or contact us.

How can I pay Canada tourist visa fee from Bangladesh?

If you are applying online, you must pay online by acceptable Cards or pay at the Visa application center, VFS Dhaka.

My Canada Visitor visa was refused, can I reapply?

Sure! We can help you with that

Can I apply for a Visitor visa and do business in Canada?

No, you cannot. You do not have any permission from the IRCC that you can do business or do any job with a visitor visa from Bangladesh

Do you process super visa for parents?

Yes we do. Contact us

I travelled to India only, can I apply for Canada tourist visa?

If you have a strong purpose and if you can demonstrate that you will come back, then you may apply

What forms are required for Canada tourist Visa from Bangladesh

Contact us for processing related queries.

What is SOP?

SOP means statement of purpose. Our consultants are experts in writing strong SOP



Hotlines for Canada Visitor Visa:

+8801841772594  +8801814003957  +8801814003956