Benefit of studying in Canada as an international students

  • Most Universities in Canada are internationally recognized
  • Students prefer to study in Canada due to the quality of teaching which is equal to the degree of USA, Australia, UK.
  • Tuition fees in Canada is around CAD 10,0000 to 30,000 per year which is cheaper than other countries.
  • International students can work while studying and it is quite easy for me to earn my living cost
  • Canada immigration has launched few laws for international students such as post-graduation work permit, traveling to other countries which attracted students most
  • Long term benefit of studying in Canada is to get points for Permanent Residency.

Study in Canada with LIVC

Most of the students struggle to submit their applications to Canadian universities or colleges. it’s deadlines and really rare any Canadian institutes consider applications after the deadline. As a reason, we’ve noticed that a lot of students miss a year and that they got to wait until subsequent intake is open.

We have dedicated teams of experts to assist students with the whole visa processing and advise on the important things like health cover, insurance, any English requirements and aid .