Australia Permanent Residency

There are so many reasons why people choose to migrate to Australia from Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, or anywhere, but what is so great about Australian permanent residency? Why should you apply for it?

What is Australia Permanent Residency?

An Australian permanent residency, or PR, is the residency status that allows its holder to live in Australia indefinitely. For Australian PR, you will have to apply for a visa that will permit you to live and work in Australia forever. 

Some of the popular permanent residency visas include Skilled Migration Visas, Partner visa (Subclass 100), Business Migration, and Parent visa (Subclass 143).

If you hold a permanent resident visa, you can stay in Australia indefinitely, work and study, register for Medicare, travel to and from Australia for 5 years, and sponsor your close relatives.   

Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship (Differences)

Rights and entitlements


Australian PR



A citizen has an automatic right of entry to Australia.



If a permanent resident chooses to travel outside Australia, they need to make sure they have a permanent visa with valid travel permission if they wish to return to Australia as a permanent resident.




A citizen can vote in Australian government elections

In most cases, permanent residents can’t vote in Australian government elections.

Government services and benefits


An Australian citizen might be eligible to avail of maximum benefits and services from the government.


A PR holder will have some key benefits only.



Stay indefinitely in Australia

Many people wish to migrate to their preferred countries, but not all countries issue permanent residency. Many nations issue temporary resident visas, or a work permit to stay for a limited time only unless the visa can be converted to a permanent visa. So, the one who holds a temporary visa mostly remains in stress. Getting a temporary visa means it will expire, and either you will have to apply for an extension or exit the country, or apply for another visa. So, if you can become an Australian permanent resident, don’t you feel proud?

Enroll in Medicare

Without any doubt, Australia has one of the best medical systems in the entire world. Medicare services are run and controlled by the Australian government across the country. By enrolling in Medicare, you can 

  • Get free care in public hospitals and 
  • Pay subsidized fees for certain medical services and prescription medications.

Buy existing residential property

If you do not have Australian citizenship or PR, you might face trouble finding your real-estate property in popular cities. This measure was put into place to guard the market against an invasion of foreign funds coming in and buying up whole areas and pushing locals out to further suburbs. As a permanent resident, you would incur no extra charge for purchasing real estate property of any type, in actual fact if it’s your first home you may even be suitable for certain tax incentives of savings. 

Childcare allowances

The daycare and childcare industry in Australia is a very high-demand one, with places them very highly sought after by parents for their kids. Long daycare” at a child care center is ideal for many families who work regular weekdays. Some child care centers offer “occasional care” for families who require someone to look after their children every now and then. This type of child care is a good option if you work irregular or random hours, or if you require to seek appointments or do household tasks. 

Get a Job

Most Australian companies like to recruit people who have Australian permanent residency, even if you are overseas at the time of job apply, as long as you are a permanent resident you would at least be open to attention for the role.


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