Australia Spouse (Partner) Visa

 Have you found your loved one in Australia? Are you committed to living with your loved one in Australia? If your answer is yes, then you must apply for an Australia Spouse Visa (Subclass 309 or 820).  If your spouse is an Australian student, not a PR or Australian citizen, then you might apply for a Subclass 500 Subsequent Entrant Visa. 

Spouse visa in Australia is one of the popular family visa options. A spouse visa lets someone live in Australia if the applicant is legally married to an Australian citizen or a permanent residence holder. 

Australia’s Spouse Visa Categories:

There are three visa subclasses for the Australian Spouse visa:

  • Subclass 309: Spouse visa (if you are outside Australia)
  • Subclass 820: Spouse visa (if you are inside Australia)
  • Subclass 300: Prospective marriage visa


spouse visa australia subclass 500

Spouse (Partner) Visa (Subclass 309) from Bangladesh

Subclass 309 visa is a provisional visa that allows the applicant to stay in Australia for two years and apply for a permanent residency (Subclass 100) when eligible. 

Requirements for Spouse Visa (Subclass 309):

  • You must be outside Australia at the time of submitting an application
  • You and your Australian sponsoring spouse must prove that you both have a true and genuine relationship
  • You must meet character and health requirements
  • You are eligible to be evaluated by the Australian Immigration Department for a permanent spouse visa (Subclass 100) if you have the provisional 309 visas, about 24 months after the submission of the provisional visa. For the PR application, you must demonstrate that you both are still in a genuine relationship.

Spouse Visa (Subclass 309) from Bangladesh has two stages:

  • Stage 1: If you are eligible for a spouse visa, you have to submit an application for a provisional visa, to arrive in Australia. Your Australian sponsor must sponsor you for 2 years.
  • Stage 2: If you can maintain a healthy relationship with your Australian spouse and spend at least two years with your spouse, you can be eligible for Australian permanent residency (PR).

Spouse Visa: Subclass 820

A Spouse Visa (Subclass 820) allows you to stay in Australia temporarily and be eligible for Australian permanent visa (Subclass 801). 

Requirements for Spouse Visa (Subclass 820):

  • You must be inside Australia at the time of submitting your visa application
  • You must hold another type of visa such as a student visa, working holiday visa, or Australia visitor visa
  • You and your Australian sponsoring spouse must demonstrate evidence of at least 12 months long and genuine relationship before the visa lodgement.
  • You can submit an application for a permanent residency visa (Subclass 801) if you hold a temporary spouse visa (Subclass 820). However, if you have been living with your spouse genuinely for quite a long time, or have a child who you have been nurturing together for at least 2 years, you can be eligible for a permanent partner visa (Subclass 801) directly.

People who settle through Australia Skilled Migration or others without family or get married later need to sponsor their spouses for a spouse visa from Bangladesh. 

Australian spouse visas can be complex. Often applicants do not understand the meaning of a genuine relationship and submit inappropriate documents. A number of critical questions are set in the visa application. These questions are all about whether the relationship is genuine and ongoing. Inappropriate visa application submission will generate a negative visa outcome/visa refusal/rejection.

Spouse Visa: Subclass 300 (Prospective Marriage)

The Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage visa is a temporary visa that allows you to travel to Australia to marry your prospective spouse within 9 months. It is designed for those who intend to marry an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen and eventually seek permanent residency in Australia through a partner visa.

Spouse Visa for Student’s Dependent: Subsequent Entrant

Spouse Visa (Subsequent Entrant), Subclass 500, allows you to join your spouse in Australia who is a regular student in Australia. This visa will not give you permanent residency. If your visa is granted you might stay with your Australian spouse as long as the primary applicant’s study permit is valid. 

Requirements for Subsequent Entrant Visa:

  • Passport and National ID
  • Obtain support from a student visa holder
  • Provide academic and enrollment proof
  • Confirm visa compliance of the student visa holder
  • Arrange Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Fulfill financial evidence requirements
  • Demonstrate Genuine Temporary Entrant status
  • Complete a medical examination
  • Provide biometrics for identification
  • Prepare for a potential police clearance

OSHC for Student Dependent

All Student spouses applying for Subsequent Entrant visas must also have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

Student Dependent Visa Australia Processing Time

The processing time for a student spouse visa is approximately 2 to 4 months.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does spouse visa Australia take?

It depends on the number of files being processed by the immigration department. On average, it takes more than 1 year. It can take a few months to even several years.

What are the requirements for spouse visa in Australia?

The requirements for a spouse visa in Australia typically include proof of a genuine and ongoing relationship, financial capacity, and health and character assessments for both partners.

How long does it take to get a visa from Bangladesh to Australia?

The processing time for a visa from Bangladesh to Australia varies, but it generally takes several months. Delays may occur based on individual circumstances and the type of visa.

What is the cost of a spouse visa to Australia?

The cost of a spouse visa to Australia can change, but it usually involves application fees, health examinations, and other associated expenses. As of December 2023, the cost is AUD 8,850

Is it difficult to get a spouse visa in Australia?

The difficulty of obtaining a spouse visa in Australia depends on meeting the eligibility criteria and providing accurate documentation. It can be complex, requiring thorough preparation and adherence to immigration regulations.

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