UAE Residence Visas from Bangladesh


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a special opportunity for people from other countries, especially those in business or investing, to become residents.

Who Can Get UAE Residence Visas?

  1. Shareholders of UAE Freezone Companies: People who own shares in companies located in UAE Freezones.
  2. Shareholders of UAE Onshore (Mainland) Companies: Owners of shares in companies outside Freezones.
  3. Investors in Real Estate or Established Companies: Those investing in real estate or existing companies in the UAE.

How to Qualify for a UAE Residence Visa?

  1. Shareholders of UAE Onshore Company: If you own or benefit from a UAE Mainland Company.
  2. Shareholders of UAE Freezone Company: If you have shares in a company in a UAE Freezone.
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Long Term Visas

Reside in the UAE from 2 to 10 years, and renew your visa status if required.

Education for Kids

Let your child study in the UAE. UAE follows a standard curriculum

Invest in UAE

You can invest in real estate properties or invest in businesses

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