Australian Skilled Migration Visas: Subclass 189, 190 and 491

What is Skilled Migration to Australia?

Australia’s Skilled Migration is a points-tested migration program. You must score 65 points and meet visa requirements to apply for Australia skilled migration from Bangladesh or anywhere. The Australian Immigration Authority launched skilled visa programs to attract qualified people to come to Australia and contribute to the Australian economy. The number of successful applicants from Bangladesh is increasing every year.



Who can Apply for Skilled Migration in Australia?

Every year thousands of people immigrate to Australia from Bangladesh and all over the world through the Skilled Migration program. All types of engineers, ICT professionals, university lecturers, auditors, accountants, marketing professionals, human resource and admin officers, social workers, agricultural scientists, and 200+ other types of professionals can be eligible for Australian immigration and apply for Australian permanent residency. If you’re a business owner, you should learn about business migration to Australia


Skilled migration to Australia
Skilled Migration to Australia (Visa Subclass 189, 190, 491)

What are the Popular Skilled Visa Options?

There are three visa subclasses for Australia Skilled Migration. You need to be invited from any one of the following visa subclasses:


1. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

Skilled Migration in Australia through the skilled independent visa, subclass 189, allows skilled professionals to live and work in Australia as permanent residents (PR). Unlike Australia work permits or temporary residence visa, subclass 189 is a permanent residence visa. Visa subclass 189 could be the fastest way to settle in Australia because there is no requirement for state nomination. All you need to do is get a positive Migration skills assessment outcome, submit an Expression of Interest, and get invited to apply for a visa. 

Benefits of Visa Subclass 189

  • Live and work anywhere in Australia with PR status;
  • Sponsor eligible Bangladeshi relatives for an Australia visitor visa
  • Apply for Australian Citizenship and Passport, and enjoy visa-free travel to Canada, USA, UK, Schengen, and more!
  • Avail Medicare facilities;
  • Free education for kids.

Requirements for subclass 189 

Note: For visa 189, your occupation must be in the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).


2. Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

The Skilled Nominated 190 Visa is another points-based skilled migration visa for professionals who are invited by a specific Australian State or Territory Government. If you’re looking for a similar program for Canada, then learn about Canada immigration from Bangladesh

Benefits of visa subclass 190

  • Live and work in Australia as a permanent resident (PR)
  • Sponsor your Bangladeshi or overseas Partner through Spouse Visa
  • Avail Australia’s Medicare facilities
  • Free education for kids
  • Get extra points from state sponsorship

Requirements for subclass 190 

  • Submit an EOI and be invited to apply
  • Be nominated by an Australian State or Territory Government
  • Pass the Australia skilled migration points test – currently 65.
  • Be aged between 18 and 44 inclusive
  • Pass skills assessment in an occupation on the State/Territory Nominated Skilled Occupations List
  • Score 6 or higher in the IELTS test in each of the four test components or an equivalent score in PTE or TOEFL
  • Meet health and character requirements

Popular States for 190 Visa Nominations:

  1. Western Australia 
  2. Queensland 
  3. Northern Territory 
  4. South Australia 
  5. New South Wales 
  6. Victoria 
  7. Tasmania 
  8. Australian Capital Territory


3. Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491)

The Australian visa subclass 491 allows you to migrate to Australian regional areas. You’ll first get a five-year provisional visa. You can apply for permanent residency (PR) once you fulfill skilled visa requirements in Australia. Unlike subclass 482 temporary work permit visa, subclass 491 is the pathway to Australian PR. The subclass 491 visa replaces the 489 Visa in November 2019. A number of applicants applying for skilled migration to Australia from Bangladesh get successful visa nominations for subclass 491.

Benefits of visa subclass 491 

  • Live, work, and study in Australia for up to five years
  • Include immediate family
  • Study in Australia
  • Apply for Permanent Residency

Requirements for subclass 491 

How to Apply?

  • Step 1: Pass the Australia skilled migration point test
  • Step 2: Get a positive skills assessment from relevant skills assessment authority
  • Step 3: Submit EOI
  • Step 4: Get your nomination
  • Step 5: Visa apply
  • Step 6: Wait for visa grant notification!


How much does it cost for skilled migration in Australia?

The visa application fee is currently AUD4,115. But this is not the total fee. You need to pay for Skills Assessment Fee and state application fee.

What is the IELTS score requirement for Australia 189/190/491 Visa?

The minimum IELTS score requirement is 6 in each band which is the competent level of IELTS. If you score more like 7 in each band, your point will increase.

Do I need to hire an agent?

Australian Immigration can be complex! If you’re looking for an experienced and professional team for a smooth process, then you should hire an Australian Migration Agent in Bangladesh. We’ve years of experience and success records.

I want to apply for a Work Permit in Australia

If you have a bachelor’s degree, work experience, and IELTS score, and if you’re below 45, you might be eligible for Skilled Migration Visa which would allow you to settle in Australia with permanent residence. Skilled Visas allow people to live and work in Australia indefinitely.

How can I check if I'm suitable for migration in Australia?

If you visit our office, our Australian migration consultants will guide you and give you detailed information on how to migrate to Australia. You can also email your resume for a free assessment. Email resume at

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