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Australia Spouse Visa (Subclass 309)

Australia Spouse Visa (Subclass 309) The Australia Spouse Visa goes by many names. It is commonly called the Spouse Visa, marriage visa, or De facto visa. 

The Australian government subdivided it into two visas: subclass 309 and subclass 100 respectively. Applicants apply for both visas simultaneously. However, they receive the Australia Spouse visa (subclass 309) first. 

After 2 years, your subclass 309 visa expires and you receive the Australia Spouse visa (subclass 100). Subclass 309 is the temporary Australia Spouse visa which allows individuals to gain access to Australia. The application process must begin when the applicant is not in Australia. 

Australia Spouse Visa Eligibility

  1. Eligible applicants must be above 18 and in an exclusive and committed relationship with their partners. They must have a partner who legitimately resides in Australia and is willing to be responsible for them. In addition to the above requirements, these are some of the eligibility criteria a candidate must meet:
  2. Partners of applicants must be Citizens of either Australia, New Zealand or Permanent Residents of Australia.
  3. There must not be any record of a prospective marriage or Partner visa in your spouse’s portfolio for the past five years.
  4. Partners must have a clean criminal record.
  5. Both partners must provide authentic evidence of their relationship status e.g. Marriage certificates or other valid documents that validates your relationship.
  6. Partners must either be married or live together for 12 months.


Applicants must attach coloured and scanned documents to their applications. All documents must be in the English language. The following documents are required:

  1. All salient information about your Passport with your picture and expiry date
  2. National ID Card
  3. Birth certificate or government-approved document regarding your birth.
  4. Marriage certificates
  5. If you aren’t married, evidence that your relationship is exclusive and known to significant Individuals in your lives (family and friends).
  6. A letter stating the duration of your relationship, when you started living together, milestones in your relationship, plans, and other significant details.
  7. Credentials proving that both partners share bills and other family responsibilities among themselves.

Police records of the country you lived in preferably from your 16th birthday or a record for the past 12 months. Documents regarding your dependent children should also be attached. They include their birth or adoption certificates, proof of custody, and plans for their formal education. 

Advantages of Australia Spouse visa

  • Legal access into and out of Australia
  • Working Advantages
  • Benefit from the public health care package
  • Study freely

Cost of Visa 

Your temporary visa takes a duration of 16 to 22 months before it is approved. It costs AUD 7,850 for the spouse and AUD 1,965 to AUD 3,930 for dependent children below 18 and, above 18 respectively. If you opt for a Dependent child visa, you won’t get any additional costs. 

The initial costs for your temporary visa also cover the cost of your permanent Australia Spouse visa Since there is a 2-year gap between the temporary Australia Spouse visa and the permanent Australia Spouse visa, you must notify the relevant office if there is a change in address or relationship status.   

Contact Australian visa consultants for assistance with your Spouse Visa Application.    

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