Bringing Your Spouse to Australia

Subclass 500 (Subsequent Entrant): For Students wishing to bring their spouse from Bangladesh

Do you miss your spouse living in Bangladesh while you’re studying in Australia? No problem! You can bring them to live with you in Australia with a spouse visa (Subclass 500 Subsequent Entrant).

First Things First:

The Subclass 500 Subsequent Entrant Visa allows your spouse (husband, wife, or partner) to live with you in Australia while you study.
To get this visa, you’ll need to prove you’re really together (marriage certificate, photos, etc.) and have enough money to support both of you.
You and your partner also need to be healthy and have a clean criminal record (no major crimes).

How to Apply:

  • Check if you qualify: Make sure you meet all the requirements mentioned above.
  • Gather documents: Collect things like marriage proof, financial statements, and health checkups for you and your partner.
  • Fill out the application: There’s a special form for this visa; fill it out carefully and honestly.
  • Submit everything: Send the application with all the documents to the Australian government department that handles visas.
  • Wait for a decision: It might take some time for them to make a decision, so be patient.

Here are some tips to make things easier:

  • Start early: Don’t wait until the last minute to apply, give yourself time in case of delays.
  • Double-check: Make sure all your documents are complete and there are no mistakes before submitting.
  • Get help if needed: If you’re not sure about anything, ask a migration agent or lawyer for help with the process.
  • Stay updated: Visa rules can change, so keep yourself informed about any updates.
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