Beware of Immigration Frauds

Beware of Immigration Frauds in Bangladesh!

Settling down in Canada, Australia, the U.S., and other countries is common among qualified people. Many people apply for Australia skilled migration from Bangladesh, Australia business migration, Canada investor visas, express entry, work permits, and many other Canadian immigration programs. Often, visa applicants seek help from immigration firms and agencies. Unfortunately, fraudulent activities by the agencies are huge!

Here are a few points that may help you to understand if you are facing immigration frauds or scammers:

  1. Guarantees: Providing a visa guarantee is a serious crime. No one on earth can guarantee a positive outcome! Only the embassies and high commissions hold the sole authority to approve or reject an application. Most frauds offer visa guarantees. So, beware of the firms that offer a guarantee.
  2. No registered lawyers, attorneys, or consultants: This is important if you are taking assistance for migration. Before starting the process, you must check if the firm has a registered lawyer or consultant who has been licensed to practice immigration services. Most fraud agencies or firms have no registered authority. Finding a registered lawyer or consultant is helpful for you because they just cannot run away as they are regulated by the governments of their respective countries.
  3. Offering services that are not open or available: this is a serious matter. Many firms offer some attractive migration and visa programs that are no longer available or closed.
  4. Job Offers: Job offers are not easy! The foreign employer must file applications in order to offer jobs to citizens from other countries. Jobs offers must be carefully verified.

How to protect yourself from Immigration Frauds or Scammers in Bangladesh.

The best way to protect yourself from Immigration Frauds, or Scammers in Bangladesh is to look for registered lawyers, attorneys, or consultants. You should check the license of the attorneys, lawyer, or consultant who will be dealing with your case. It’s easy to find their license details online.

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