Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia as a skilled worker

Australia has formally opened its borders to the world. As a result, each Australian State presently offers a number of choices for migrants to support their needs, whilst harmonizing the State’s economic demands and requirements. Here is a summary of what each State is currently offering offshore migrants and workers:


Queensland is welcoming skilled migrants to fill a wide range of skill shortages. To move to Queensland, you must first get a nomination certificate from Queensland, which will allow you to permanently live and work in the State. Please contact our Australian visa consultants in Dhaka, Bangladesh to discuss your options and eligibility for skilled migration to Australia from Bangladesh.

You must live and work within one of the following postcodes to be eligible for the 491 Skilled Regional visa: 4019–4022, 4025, 4037, 4074, 4076–4078, 4124–4125, 4133, 4183–4184, 4207–4275, 4280–4287, 4300–4301, 4303–4498, 4500–4512, 4514–4519, 4521, 4550–4575, 4580–4895.

Migration Queensland criteria require you to:

  • have a points-test result of 80 or higher for the visa subclass 190 (unless otherwise specified), and 65 or higher for subclass 491
  • occupation must be on the Offshore Queensland Skilled Occupation List (QSOL)
  • have Proficient English or higher (except where otherwise specified)
  • have a minimum of 3 years of job experience (except where otherwise specified).

South Australia

There are now 2 skilled migration visa options for skilled migrants that provide pathways to Australian PR. Australian Skilled Visa (Subclass 491) allows you to live and work in South Australia for up to 5 years, and apply for PR. The Visa (Subclass 190) will allow you to live in South Australia on a permanent basis. At present, the skilled occupations list on South Australia’s Skilled and Business Migration Program is extensive and allows numerous pathways for migrants to live, work, and establish their businesses in the gorgeous and sunny landscapes of Australia.

New South Wales

NSW is one of the famous places to live in Australia. The world-class quality of life, diverse art and culture, and job opportunities have made NSW a better place to settle in Australia. The skilled applicant must prove they have a minimum of 3 years of job experience in their nominated occupation.

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