What is a Procedural Fairness Letter from IRCC?

Procedural Fairness Letter from IRCC

Some people may receive a Procedural Fairness Letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. a Procedural Fairness Letter is an email or letter electronically sent by an immigration officer. The visa officer sends that letter in order to allow Canada visa candidates to reply to a concern about the documents or information that have been submitted by a visa applicant. Most people do not appreciate the importance of the situation; they tend to respond on their own, usually with a very weak response which leads to a refusal.  

Getting this letter from the IRCC is not something to be worried about. If the visa officer has one or more concerns or finds something suspicious, or misleading, the officer likes to give the applicant a chance to provide additional documents, and evidence to clarify the matter found. 

How To Respond To A Procedural Fairness Letter from Bangladesh?

The officer will normally give 7 to 30 days’ time to reply to a procedural fairness letter. A strong response may prevent the visa application from being rejected, or at the minimum, may raise the hope of success when seeking redress at other venues such as the Federal Court. It is highly recommended to get advice from an immigration lawyer or expert consultant before addressing the Procedural Fairness Letter. Depending on how strong or weak the reply to the procedural fairness letter is, a visa officer may take time to give a final outcome of the visa. 

A Procedural Fairness Letter is commonly issued for the following reasons:

  • Genuineness of relationship: subsection 12(1) and subsection 4(1)
  • Medical Inadmissibility: subsection 38(1)
  • Misrepresentation: subsection 40(1)
  • Criminal Inadmissibility: subsection 36(1) and subsection 36(2)
  • Express Entry: wrong NOC, employment letter, insufficient evidence for Canada immigration.
  • Security Reasons / Terrorism: subsection 34(1)


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