How Entrepreneurs Solved Their Financial Problems by Relocating Their Businesses to Canada

Investing in Canada proved to be the solution to financial problems!

Over the years, multiple national economies have crashed due to various factors. The economy has negatively affected entrepreneurs and businessmen alike. Citizens of countries with bad economies were also affected.

Businesses became bankrupt, while people lost their jobs and livelihood, and their bills increased. Many visionary business personnel, had the foresight to plan for such bad events; some had already migrated to other locations like Canada to grow their business.

However, the above scenario does not apply to everyone. Many successful entrepreneurs expanded their businesses across cities, countries, and continents during this period. So they chose Canada because of business reasons.

On the flip side, citizens of some nations decided to leave their locale with their families in search of better resources and an enhanced quality of life.

Whatever your reason(s) for migrating to Canada as an entrepreneur, Canada will welcome you with open arms, as long as you adhere to certain terms and conditions.

Since 2013, the Canadian government made provisions to allow investors and business associates, to migrate to the country, grow and establish their businesses, and ultimately grow the Canadian economy. Therefore, Investor visa Canada helps the Canadian economy in so many ways.

Although the body responsible for immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reviewed some of these plans. There are 2 plans, that you can leverage namely;

The Self-employed plan and; The Start-up visa plan for Entrepreneurs.

Self-employed plan

The government created the Self-employed plan for artisans or individuals that have an independent means of livelihood. It is one of the most flexible immigration plans for Individuals. Immigrants interested in the Self-employed plan should procure a company in Canada or find a business organization of their own.

Immigration placed the requirement to ensure that immigrants are gainfully employed and are valuable contributors to the economic and social development of the state. For Interested parties to be eligible for this plan, they must display impressive dexterity in a specific skill or talent. They are required to present records of earnings, records of milestones, and success in the described discipline so their claim can be validated.

Potential immigrants are required to add a document containing a concise account of their business or skill and how it can operate in the Canadian market. Professionals of disciplines like law, medicine, nursing, and dentistry are not eligible for the plan. They have to either submit another qualifying skill or choose a plan that complements their work.

Start-up Visa program

The program is a bit more advanced than the self-employed plan. Here, businessmen with innovative ideas partner with competent and IRCC-recognized organizations in the Canadian Private sector.

Entrepreneurs are tasked with overcoming the language barrier and having standard educational qualifications. They should also own funds that can support their lifestyle and the standard Canadian charges for immigration. The minimum amount of money and assets these entrepreneurs must have ranged from $ 75,000 to $ 200,000 (Canadian dollars).

We advise every entrepreneur, investor, and self-employed to carefully study the Canadian market and decide if their plans match before migrating. This is because they will bear all the migration costs for themselves and their families. At the initial step of obtaining a visa, the entrepreneur will deposit a processing fee for himself and his family at the Canadian embassy in his country.

If all the requirements are not met, their deposit will be returned to them. However, if their application are rejected during processing, there is no refund plan.

You may wish to have a Canada visa from Bangladesh in order to explore business opportunities in Canada.

To make Canadian immigration more attractive, the government offers permanent resident permits to entrepreneurs, their spouses, and offspring below the maturity age.

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